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Latest News

September 6, 2020
I am currently scheduling edits for the second half of September and beyond.

August 3, 2020
I am fully booked for full-length manuscripts through the end of August and am scheduling for September. I am still accepting a small number of short pieces (under 10K) for editing in August, and I am of course always available to answer any questions about editing.

July 30, 2020
I received a couple of emails from scammers the other day, which reminded me that I hadn’t recently updated the payment page to reflect the payments I currently accept. I hadn’t thought about it because almost everyone has been paying via PayPal, but I want to have safe, secure options for everyone, and I know PayPal access can be difficult in some countries or may just not be your favorite payment option.

The biggest change, which shouldn’t really affect anyone because I haven’t had a legitimate client request any of these options in probably over a decade, is that I will no longer be accepting personal checks, cashier’s checks, or bank or wire transfers not done through one of the payment portals listed on the payment page. There are just so many faster and more secure options available now.

I also added Venmo for US clients, and for international clients, I added TranferWise and PayPal’s Zoom.

July 29, 2020
I posted a test video to Dream Raven Editing’s various social media channels. It’s mostly just me rambling about my bookshelves, and I definitely have a lot of technical work to do before I’ll be making stylish videos. But, hey, it’s a video over fifteen seconds long, so that’s progress.

I’ll be doing videos to go with some of the blog posts and announcements. Like I mentioned in the video, if you have any writing or editing questions, drop me a line, and the answer to your question may be featured in an upcoming video.

July 27, 2020
I’m finally working on blog posts! I have a list of writing subjects I’ve wanted to post about, but thus far I’ve managed about one post a year since I set up this new site. It’s not for lack of anything to say, only that every time I start writing a post, I get too far into an edit to want to take writing breaks. But I finally assigned writing a time in my schedule, so blog posts will soon follow.


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