Welcome to Dream Raven Editing

Focus on Independent Authors and Publishers

Many independent authors choose the additional work and expense of self-publishing because they want to retain control over their work. As an editor who specializes in editing services for self-publishers, I am here to serve as your advisor, not a dictator of what your book should be.

I will listen to and address your concerns as well as point out potential pitfalls and suggest routes around them. But in the end, it is your book and always your decision which changes to implement.


Preserving Voice and Style

My goal as an editor is to help your manuscript look its best while preserving your style. I focus on correcting grammar and clarifying text in a way that is true to your voice.

I have always been passionate about language and have studied the rules long enough to know which aspects of grammar are black and white, which are flexible, and which can be bent or broken for the sake of style.


Customized Editing

Many editors will tell you what type of editing would benefit your book in a perfect world, but as a self-publisher, you no doubt have a limited editing budget. I can help you find a realistic balance between what your manuscript needs and what is right for your budget.

When it comes to the creative aspects of your manuscript, I’m here to help your manuscript shine within the spectrum of your vision. If you feel strongly about your book’s unconventional structure, I will focus only on grammar and phrasing. If you want help with the content while keeping your fun and quirky word choices, I’m always happy to edit accordingly.


Upfront Pricing and Flexible Payment Options

My rate calculators give the final cost, not an estimate, and are based on word count rather than an hourly rate. You will know the full final cost before contacting me and don’t have to worry about any surprises at the end of the edit.

Invoices are usually broken down into three payments, and if your budget is particularly tight, I can even copyedit your book in sections as little as one chapter at a time.


Passion for the Craft

Most importantly, I bring a genuine passion and enthusiasm for every project. There are few things I enjoy more than creative collaboration and the opportunity to work with authors on manuscripts they’ve put so much of themselves into. 

I didn’t pursue a career in professional editing because I was looking for a way to make money. After fifteen years of staying up into the wee hours of the morning to squeeze in hobby editing between other jobs, I went back to school to get my editing certificate because I craved more editing time, which I could only justify if editing was my job. And what a rewarding job it is!



I love talking with authors and look forward to hearing about your manuscript. Don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions about the editing process or are interested in a sample edit.