What Makes Dream Raven Editing Special?

Focus on Independent Authors and Publishers

Good writing is good writing regardless of how you choose to publish a book, but traditionally published and self-published authors face different challenges when preparing to get their books in front of readers.

Many authors choose the additional work and expense of self-publishing because they want to retain complete control over their work. If you are one of those authors, it may be particularly hard to hand your manuscript over to an editor.

As an editor who specializes in editing services for independent authors, I consider myself to be an advisor, not a dictator of what your book should be. I am here to listen to and address your concerns. I will point out potential pitfalls and suggest routes around them, but it is your book and always your decision whether or not to implement suggested changes.


Preserving Voice and Style

My goal as an editor is to help your manuscript look its best while preserving your voice and style. Even in the case of heavy edits that require a great deal of rewriting, my focus is not only on correcting grammar and clarifying the text but on doing so in a way that is true to your voice.

For a standard copy edit, it is just as important to have an editor who will work within your style. A surprising amount of grammar is not black and white. Many of the rules are constantly debated, some are regional, others are flexible, and all are constantly changing.

I have always been passionate about language, especially the mechanics of grammar, and have studied the rules long enough to know which are critical, which are flexible, and which are suggestions that can be bent or broken for the sake of style.


Your Choice of Customized Edits

Like many editors, I do offer the option of manuscript evaluations and can tell you what type of edits would benefit your book, if that’s your preference.

If you feel strongly about your book’s structure, I am happy to look only at grammar and phrasing even if your plot or content flow is especially unconventional. If you want an in-depth critique of potential content issues but want your quirky sentence structure left intact, I’m happy to edit accordingly.

You’re the one with the vision that is taking the financial and marketing risk with your book, and my goal is to do everything I can to help your manuscript shine in the spectrum of that vision.


Upfront Pricing and Flexible Payment Options

For many self-published authors, the biggest limiting factor when it comes to editing is cost. Professional editing is extremely time intensive and is therefore one of the most costly portions of publishing a book.

I can tell you what your book needs, and in a perfect world, every manuscript would get all the editing it deserved. But as an independent publisher, you likely had a limited editing budget, and it is important that you find the balance between what your manuscript needs and what is right for your budget.

I list my editing rates upfront so that you have as much information as possible when deciding what is best for you and your book. The prices on my site are the actual price, not estimates, and are calculated based on word count rather than an hourly rate. If you are on a tight budget, I am always happy to copyedit books in sections—even as little as one chapter at a time.


I love talking with authors, so don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions about the editing process.