Content Editing

About Content Editing

While copyediting focuses on fine-tuning a manuscript that is essentially finished, a content edit (also called a substantive edit) is done earlier in the editing process. A content edit ignores anything related to grammar, word choice, and sentence structure because if you are still working on the structure of your book, the words and sentences currently in the manuscript are likely to change.

Content editing can mean different things depending on whether the manuscript is fiction or non-fiction. For all types of books, content edits look at the overall flow, pacing, and structure.

Fiction content editing focuses on story and character. It looks at issues such as plot holes, continuity, and consistency of character. Non-fiction content editing focuses on aspects like logic, factual consistency, order of content, and whether the level of information presented is appropriate for the intended audience.

Content edits do not include copyediting, but I do use track changes to suggest reordering of the manuscript or adjustments to the paragraph structure if needed. I do address larger reoccurring issues via an editorial letter, but the majority of my notes are made with comments throughout the text.

I don’t just tell you what potential issues your book has, but I also highlight where those issues occur in the text and provide specific suggestions for each occurrence.

Content Editing Rates

A content edit includes two readings. I do not offer a single reading option for content edits because I need to know where the book is going before making accurate suggestions.

By two readings, I mean that I read the manuscript twice before returning it to you. If you want the manuscript edited, returned to you for revisions, then edited again, that would be done as two separate edits. I do offer a 25 percent discount on additional services for the same book.

If you are a first-time indie author on a tight budget and need a content, I do offer some discounted edits.


If you have any questions or would like to schedule a content edit, don’t hesitate to contact me. Free sample edits are available for manuscripts over 20K.