Scheduling an Edit

Editing Schedule

The calendar below shows scheduled edits. Depending on my schedule and the nature of the edits, I will often accept two full-length manuscripts for overlapping dates. Most edits include multiple readings and being able to switch between projects gives me an opportunity to read both with fresh eyes.

If an edit includes the note “*DATE FULL*,” I am no longer accepting full-length edits for those dates. I am still accepting shorter pieces unless an edit for those dates includes the note “*FULL – ALL EDITS*.”


What if I Don’t See My Edit Listed?

If we have discussed working together on an edit but your book is not listed on the calendar, it is likely because a first payment has not been received. You are not required to send a payment before an edit begins, but a slot will remain listed as open until confirmed with a first payment.

If you have sent a payment to schedule your edit and don’t see it listed, please drop me a line. I try to list edits on the calendar as soon as they are confirmed, but I am human and computers (especially those controlled by Google) can be mischievous.

Discounted Edit Schedule

I accept up to one discounted edit a month, depending on my schedule. The next available discount edit slot is January. If you are a first-time author or writing for charity, please see the discounted editing page for more information.

Scheduling an Edit

Please contact me if you would like to schedule an edit.