Scheduling an Edit

Editing Schedule

The calendar below shows my scheduled edits. Depending on my schedule and the nature of the edits, I will sometimes accept two full-length manuscripts for overlapping dates. This avoids gaps when authors need additional time to finish a manuscript or revisions.

If an edit includes the note “*DATE FULL*,” I am no longer accepting full-length edits for those dates. I am still accepting shorter pieces unless an edit for those dates includes the note “*FULL – ALL EDITS*.”

What if I Don’t See My Edit Listed?

If we have discussed working together on an edit but your book is not listed on the calendar, it is likely because a first payment has not been received. You don’t have to send a payment before an edit begins, but a slot will remain listed as open until confirmed with a first payment.

If you have sent a payment to schedule your edit and don’t see it listed, please drop me a line. I try to list edits on the calendar as soon as they are confirmed, but I am human and computers (especially those controlled by Google) can be mischievous.

Discounted Edit Schedule

I accept up to one discounted edit a month, depending on my schedule. The next available discount edit slot is listed on the homepage. If you are a first-time author or writing for charity, please see the discounted editing page for more information.

Scheduling an Edit

Please contact me if you would like to schedule an edit. I look forward to reading your work!