File Formats

Accepted File Formats for Edits

Edits can be sent



Editing in Google Docs

Except for developmental edits, once a link is submitted for editing, I do ask that authors not revise the document further, apply changes, or comment in the document. Please wait until the edit is complete to review the document.

Because most edits include two readings, there are certain issues I address in the first reading and others that I address in the second edit, so any changes or notes I make in a first reading are not necessarily the final edit.

Multiple people making changes during an edit often leads to the introduction of errors and can drastically increase the time it takes to complete an edit. I am happy to work with authors who want to make live edits while I’m working on the file, but those edits are charged by the hour.

Large Google Doc files can begin to have trouble loading when a lot of suggestions and comments are added to the document. If you have a full-length book and want more than a light edit, it is often beneficial to break the manuscript up into separate documents to reduce the file size and make loading faster.

Editing in Scrivener and Related Programs

Scrivener and similar manuscript organization programs are wonderful tools for organizing your ideas and writing your book.


Editing Hard Copies and PDFs

Editing a physical copy of a manuscript is a perfectly legitimate

It is possible to edit directly in a PDF, but it is not a type of editing that I personally have experience with.