Sample Edits

I offer free sample edits of around 1,500 words for short books (20,000+ words) and full-length manuscripts.

If you decide to go forward with the edit, the sample’s word count will be included in the final price. You won’t be charged for an additional 1,500 words, but the 1,500 words also will not be subtracted from your book’s word count.

Free samples are not available for shorter pieces because it usually takes a sample of at least 1,500 words to show editing style, and for shorter pieces, a sample of that size is a notable portion of the full edit. And while I would like to pretend everyone always plays fair, there are way too many article and blog sample edit scams running about.

If you would like a sample for a shorter piece, I’m happy to provide one for a cost of $35 for a 1,500-word sample, which would go toward the cost of a full edit. The cost is due before the sample edit begins and is non-refundable, but if you decide you would like me to edit the full piece, 1,500 words (or whatever size your sample is) will be subtracted from the final bill.

The same goes for full-length manuscripts. While I only do free samples up to 1,500 words, you can request a longer sample of any length at my standard editing rate.

If you send a sample longer than 1,500 words with no additional payment (and you are welcome to send you full manuscript if you don’t have a preference on the sample), I will edit a 1,500-word section of my choice.

What Sample Edits Show

Samples are best at showing copyediting. Accurate content and developmental editing is difficult to show in a sample edit because they look at the book as a whole.

However, if you are interested in a content edit, I will include examples in the edit of the type of comments I would include in a full edit. While the suggestions may not be correct for the piece (e.g., something your character does may seem strange out of context but be critical to the story as a whole), the comments should give you an idea of the types of issues I address in content edits.

What to Send for a Sample Edit

When sending a piece of your work for an editing sample, please do not send your first chapter. As close to a random sample as you can get from somewhere near the middle of the book usually works best.

Most authors, even if unintentionally, put the most time into the first chapters. That’s wonderful because those chapters are critical for hooking your reader, but if you send me your best work, you won’t get to see as much of my editing style.

As long as you are comfortable with the English language and have done at least a few rounds of self-editing on your book, there shouldn’t be an immense amount that needs editing in a span of 1,500 words. If you send me your most polished section, it is harder for me to show how I will work with the majority of your book and more difficult for me to get a feel for the true state of your manuscript as a whole.

I charge by the word, not by how pretty your manuscript is (though I’m sure it’s lovely, and if not, we’ll work together to get it there). You don’t have to hide the messy bits in hopes of getting a cheaper quote—my prices are fixed so you won’t, and I do need to see where the manuscript is at if you want an accurate estimate for completion of the edit.

I’m here to help you fix what is broken, so do us both a favor, and send me your worst or at least a piece that is an accurate representation of the majority of the manuscript.

Interested in a Sample Edit?

If you would like a sample edit, please contact me and tell me a little about your project. I look forward to reading your work!