I read grammar books for fun and love the energy of creative collaboration that comes from working directly with authors. I am passionate about the tiny details of punctuation, delight in mentally mapping fictional arcs, and greatly enjoy analyzing the presentation of non-fiction information.

I have been working professionally as a freelance editor for six years and edited non-professionally for fifteen years before that. I started out editing as a hobby for family, then friends, then strangers. I stalked fiction sites, critique forums, and writing groups, looking for anyone who needed a beta reader, and later, an editor.

I crave diversity and variety, and after years of working with so many different types of books, I have become familiar with the standards for a wide range of genres and non-fiction categories.

For me, editing is truly a passion, and my editing time was only limited by the pesky need to earn a living. Eventually, I realized the only way I could edit as much as I wanted was if editing paid the bills. I started out doing small paid jobs, sought out further professional training, completed my editing certificate, and then transitioned to professional editing, which allows me to give each author’s manuscript the time and focus it deserves.


Educational Background and Professional Memberships

I have an editing certificate from UC Berkeley and am a member of the Editorial Freelancers Association.

I have a degree in film and video communications, where I studied writing, story, character, and the development of non-fiction documentaries. I have also studied story through TheFilmSchool’s intensive writing course.

My other degree is in graphic design and illustration, where I studied typography, book design, and formatting as well as other visual arts. I worked as a freelance graphic designer for over a decade and continue to work in fine arts.


Dream Raven Editing’s Office Staff

I edit from my farm on beautiful Whidbey Island where I live with my family and a menagerie of critters who are always happy to help with editing.

One of those many helpers is Jude, the chicken sitting with me in the photo at the top of the page. Jude is a bantam blue Cochin although, according to her, she’s a princess, not a chicken.

There are a number of other critters who share the office with her, and quite a few others (including many more adorable chickens), who share the farm, but as far as Jude is concerned, it’s all about her. With her love of keyboards, she is indeed the biggest editing helper. Jude often sits with me while I’m editing or reading in the office.


Books Galore

On top of countless walls of book shelves filled with my own books, I also constantly have my library card maxed out. There are simply too many books in need of reading!

Both my family and I collect a wide assortment of books ranging from illustrated children’s books to horror anthologies to every non-fiction subject under the sun. Jude wanted her picture taken in front of one of our cookbook bookshelves because she is quite the connoisseur of baked goods.


Want to Know More?

Don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions about my edits or the editing process in general. I always love hearing from new authors and greatly look forward to reading your work.