Editing Giveaway

Do you want a chance to win some free editing? Play along with our editing giveaway.

How It Works

If you win, you get your choice of up to 20K worth of light copyediting or 10K of medium copyediting.

The winner is chosen by raffle at the end of the month. Your manuscript should be close to ready, but you’re still welcome to play along if you think you’re within a couple of months of being ready for an edit.

How to Enter

To enter the giveaway, just send me the answer to the below question. You can send your answer via email, Twitter DM, Facebook Messenger, or Instagram DM. Yes, I have a shiny new Instagram account!

The Big Question

This month’s question celebrates the safe arrival of the last of my spring chicks, a group of eight Polish roosters.

And the question is, what do these cute little roosters’ names have in common? Their names are Bildad, Elijah, Flask, Fleece, Gabriel, Peleg, Perth, and Stubb.

Fluffy Stuff

Here are some of the boys the day they arrived.

And just so no one gets left out, here’s a picture of Peanut (that’s his buff tooshie in the photo above). He is not a Polish, but the hatchery included him as an adorable little surprise. We’ll see when he grows up, but I’m betting he’s a golden comet.

For those who don’t know what a Polish is, you’ve been missing out. Here is one of my older boys “helping” me edit.

Okay, enough fluff. Now go enter the giveaway!

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