Erotica Editor

erotica editor

Editor for Erotica Novels and Erotic Short Stories

I have worked with most sub-genres of erotica and essentially every kink that is out there with every possible combination of characters, so whether your story is steamy with a side of kink or is extreme hardcore erotica, I can guarantee I’ve read the content before. I am fully comfortable working with anything as long as all characters engaged in sexual activity are of the age of consent for your region.

Because I have worked with all types of erotica, I am familiar with all the terminology related to the genre. I have the most experience working with LGBT+ erotica in various combinations, but I have also worked with het and am happy to work with either or both.

All of my editing services are available for erotica, so I can assist whether you just need a quick proofread before publishing your erotica novel or need help tightening up erotic scenes. No pun intended.

Don’t hesitate to contact me if you have questions about the editing process or are interested in a sample edit.

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