Heavy Copyediting

About Heavy Copyediting

A heavy edit is the most intensive form of copyediting I offer. Heavy copyedits incorporate everything included in a light copyedit and a medium copyedit but also involve cleaning up and rephrasing existing sentences (not writing additional content) as needed.

Heavy copyedits are for authors who are satisfied with the overall structure and content of their manuscripts but need help with phrasing. If you are new to writing or struggle with grammar and sentence structure (especially if English is not your first language) then you are likely looking for a heavy copyedit.

Heavy Copyedit Rates

A heavy edit includes two readings. I do not offer a single reading option for heavy copyedits because this type of editing is too extensive to effectively do in one pass without the risk of introducing errors.

By two readings, I mean that I read the manuscript twice before returning it to you. If you want the manuscript edited, returned to you for revisions, then edited again, that would be done as two separate edits. I do offer a 25 percent discount on additional services for the same book.

If you are a first-time indie author on a tight budget and need a heavy edit, I do offer some discounted edits.


If you have any questions or would like to schedule a heavy copyedit, don’t hesitate to contact me. Free sample edits are available for manuscripts over 20K.