Medium Copyediting

A medium edit (also called a line edit) is the most common type of copyediting. If you are happy with the structure of your book and satisfied with your text but know it still needs polishing, a medium edit is likely the right fit for your manuscript.

Medium copyediting incorporates everything included in a light copyedit plus correcting disputable grammar issues and the following:

  • Basic fact-checking
  • Flow*
  • Glossary (suggested terms compiled on request)
  • Pacing*
  • Passive phrasing
  • POV
  • Structure and organization*
  • Tense
  • Voice
  • Wordiness and repetition

* A medium edit focuses on flow, pacing, and organization of a manuscript on a sentence level. Medium copyedits include querying for larger organization or plot issues that may confuse readers, but if you want to address larger issues in your manuscript, you are looking for a content edit.

A medium copyedit can include one or two editing passes. Two readings are needed to ensure an error-free manuscript, but for those who can only afford a single editing pass, every effort is made to catch as much as possible in one reading.

If you have any questions or would like to schedule a medium copyedit, don’t hesitate to contact me. Sample edits are available for manuscripts over 20K.

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