Medium Copyediting

About Medium Copyediting

A medium edit is the most common type of copyediting. If you are happy with the structure of your book and satisfied with your text but know that it still needs polishing, then a medium edit is likely the right fit for your manuscript.

Medium copyediting incorporates everything included in a light copyedit plus correcting disputable grammar issues and the following:

  • Basic fact checking
  • Flow*
  • Glossary (suggested terms compiled on request)
  • Pacing*
  • Passive phrasing
  • POV
  • Structure and organization*
  • Tense
  • Voice
  • Wordiness and repetition

* A medium edit focuses on flow, pacing, and organization of a manuscript on a sentence level. Medium copyedits may include querying for larger organization issues, but if you want to address structural issues in your manuscript, you are looking for a content edit.

Medium copyedits include some rewriting of existing sentences, but if large sections require reworking, they will be highlighted with recommendations for revisions. If you want rewriting done as part of the edit, you are looking for a heavy copyedit.

Medium Copyedit Rates

A medium edit includes two readings* of a standard manuscripts or one for rough manuscripts. By rough manuscripts I mean if the book really needed a heavier edit or hasn’t been carefully read over and is missing a notable amount of the basic punctuation or has major tense issues or the like, in which case one reading can take as long or longer than two readings of a manuscript that is ready for a medium copyedit.

Rush copyedits are usually only available for pieces up to 20K and depend on my availability. If I am available, turn around time for a rush medium edit is one to seven days, depending on the length of the piece.

*Two readings means that I will read the manuscript twice before returning it to you. The bulk of the edits will be made during the first round, and the second round will double check those edits and look for anything missed in the first read through.

If you want the manuscript edited, returned to you for revisions, then edited again, that would be done as two separate edits. I do offer a 25 percent discount on additional services for the same book as well as spot-checking.

Please see scheduling an edit for more information. If you have any questions or would like to schedule a proofread edit, don’t hesitate to contact me.