Sample Edits

I offer sample edits of around 1,500 words for manuscripts over 20,000 words to ensure my editing style is right for you and your book.

If you decide to go forward with an edit, the sample’s word count will be included in the final price. If the sample is not what you are looking for, there’s no charge.

You can request a longer sample of any length (or a sample of a manuscript under 20K) at my standard editing rate.

If you send a sample longer than 1,500 words with no additional payment (you are welcome to send your full manuscript if you don’t have a preference on the sample), I will edit a 1,500-word section of my choice.

What Sample Edits Show

Sample edits are best at showing copyediting because copyediting looks at individual words and sentences. Content and developmental editing instead look at scenes, chapters, and the book as a whole, which can make it difficult to show these types of editing in a small sample.

If you are interested in a content edit, I can include examples in a sample edit of the type of comments I would give in a full edit. While the suggestions may not be correct for the piece (e.g., something your character does may seem off out of context but be critical to the story as a whole), the comments will give you an idea of the types of issues I address in content edits.

What to Send for a Sample Edit

As close to a random sample as you can get from somewhere near the middle of the book usually works best. Please do not send your first chapter for a sample edit.

Most authors, even if unintentionally, put more time into the first chapters. That’s wonderful because those chapters are critical for hooking your readers. But if you send me polished pages that aren’t representative of the rest of your book, you won’t be able to see much of my editing style, and I won’t be able to give you an accurate estimate of how long the edit will take.

Interested in a Sample Edit?

Please contact me if you are interested in a sample edit or have any questions. I look forward to reading your work!

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