I specialize in working with self-published authors and independent publishers. Each piece has its own unique editing needs, and I will work with you to customize an edit for your specific project and time frame.

I work with a large range of genres and subjects, and I offer several levels of copyediting, proofreading, and developmental editing for full-length manuscripts, short stories, articles, blog posts, and the occasional script.

Types of Edits

I offer copyediting and proofreading for all manuscripts. Content and developmental editing are available for select types of manuscripts.

I only do developmental editing for specific genres and subjects because unlike copy editing, which has fairly universal rules, developmental editing is best done by an editor who is familiar with your type of writing.

You can click on the name of the different types of edits for more information and a price calculator for your project’s word count.


Copyediting services are available for all fiction genres and non-fiction subjects. Copyedits can be broken down into smaller pieces (as little as one chapter at a time) if it works better for your budget.

ProofreadingProofreading is a final grammar check (and formatting check in the case of PDF proofs) of a finished manuscript that is intended to catch errors that slipped through earlier stages of editing. A proofread costs 0.01 a word.

Light CopyeditingLight copyediting is for previously edited or otherwise mostly clean manuscripts. A light copyedit is also an option for a low budget edit if you only want major grammar issues addressed. Light copyediting costs 0.012 a word.

Medium CopyeditingA medium copyedit is the most common type of editing and, if you are already satisfied with the structure of your book, is most likely the type of edit you are looking for. Medium copyedits cost 0.025 a word.

Heavy Copyediting – Heavy copyediting covers everything medium copyediting does but includes some rewriting and implementation of suggestions. I primarily recommend heavy copyedits to authors who are not native to English or otherwise need assistance with rephrasing. A heavy copyedit costs 0.035 a word.

Spot Checking A spot check looks over your revisions rather than re-editing the full manuscript.

Content Editing

Instead of looking at individual words and the mechanics of sentences, content editing looks at what you are saying, how you are saying it, and how well your book works as a whole.

If you are interested in a developmental edit, visit my genre and subject specialties page for more information about the types of books I work with for developmental edits.

Manuscript Evaluation – Manuscript evaluations do not include editing of the text and instead look at the big picture of the book. A manuscript evaluation involves reading the book and providing a write-up that includes an assessment of the manuscript and suggestions for what type of editing and revisions may best serve the book. Manuscript evaluations cost 0.01 a word.

Content Edit – A content edit looks at the same thing a manuscript evaluation does but on a far more detailed level. Instead of a big picture write-up, a content edit includes specific in-line notes and comments throughout the manuscript that address the organization and content of the text. Content edits cost 0.035 a word.

Developmental Edit (Select genres and subjects) – Developmental editing is content editing for manuscripts in the early-stages of development. This option is for manuscripts that have been roughed out but need help with big issues like direction, flow, and organization. Developmental editing costs vary based on the project’s needs and are calculated based on a rate of $35 an hour.

Content and Copy

Substantive / Line Editing – My substantive edits look at both copy and content. Ideally, a content edit would be done before a copyedit, but this version of substantive editing is a compromise if you need both and due to budgetary or time constraints cannot do two separate edits. Substantive copyediting costs 0.040 a word and are best followed up by a proofread after you have finished revisions.

Style Guides and Dictionaries

Unless otherwise requested, I use The Chicago Manual of Style and Merriam-Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary, Eleventh Edition for American English edits.

For British English edits, I use New Hart’s Rules as a style guide. I use the New Oxford Dictionary for Writers and Editors for words that are listed there and the Oxford English Dictionary ( for more obscure words.

I have also worked with the AP style for cookbooks, Christian style guides, and custom in-house style guides.

Turnaround Time

Turnaround time varies based on the type and state of the manuscript, the kind of edit, and other scheduling factors, but a full-length manuscript (up to 120K) usually take around four weeks. Short books (under 50K) take about two weeks, and short pieces can take anywhere from a couple of days to a week.

Estimated turnaround times are from the agreed upon start date for the project. Your edit may only take two weeks of editing time, but if there are other edits scheduled ahead of yours, it could be several month before your edit is completed. I no longer do rush edits on full-length manuscripts, so please check my editing schedule before requesting an edit if you are under a tight deadline.

Price and Payment

My prices are based on hourly rates in keeping with the EFA’s editorial rates chart, but for everything aside developmental edits, I charge a flat project rate based on word count so that you can easily calculate your full project price upfront.

Developmental editing is charged by the hour because what is involved varies so much between manuscripts. Developmental editing also tends to require a great deal of communication exchanges, and the word count can dramatically change during the course of the edit.

For all other types of editing, the price calculators will give you the actual project cost, so you will know the edit price upfront and can decide what is the best fit for you project and budget before scheduling an edit. Once you have confirmed the price with me, that price won’t change unless the manuscript specifications change or you request additional services.

Price quotes are good for six months or until the time your edit is completed if you make a deposit for an edit more than six months out. I regularly update my pricing to reflect additional experience and training, but new rates are applied only to new clients. Once I work with you, all future edits are done at the initial rate (excluding first-time discounted edits, of course).

Visit the payment page for complete information on payment schedules and accepted payment types.

Discounted rates are available for first-time authors of select types of books and some fundraising books. More information can be found on the discounted editing page. Additional readings and services on manuscripts I have already edited are also available at a 25 percent discounted rate for all authors.

Scheduling an Edit

Please contact me if you have any questions or are interested in scheduling an edit.