Spot-checking is a low-budget proofreading option that is done after an edit. Instead of re-reading the entire manuscript, I check only the revisions you made since the edit.

All the edits I (or another editor) made should be accepted or rejected before a spot-check so that only your revisions appear in track changes. When I do a spot-check, I review any material in track changes, and I don’t want to charge you for reviewing material that has already been edited.

If you prefer not to use track changes, you can highlight the sections you want checked or mark them with comments just so long as what you want spot-checked is clearly marked. The portions you want checked should still have all edits applied so that we’re working with a clean copy.

Spot-Checking Rates

Spot-checking is the only copyediting service I charge for by the hour because the amount of spot-checking needed can vary immensely even between manuscripts of the same length.

An hour of spot-checking is included free with all edits. The price is $30 an hour after that.

An hour is enough for most manuscripts, but it can sometimes take several hours or more to review revisions from heavy edits or if new material was added to the book. After an hour of spot-checking, if your manuscript still needs further review, I will contact you with a time estimate and confirm you want to proceed.

I will also spot-check edits from other editors for the same hourly rate.

If you have any questions or would like to schedule a spot-check, don’t hesitate to contact me.

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